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Change dare to be differentBased on the Isle of Man, we are a small team of people who care. We care about the Environment, about Animals and about You.

Initially we were in business to help build business but then we realized that business was the reason why change needed to happen. The more technologically advanced we get the more we produce and the more we produce and consume the quicker the environment is damaged. We all need to work to change this. Business not only damages the environment, keeps animals and humans in horrendous conditions of suffering and encourages the onset of disease and devastation in both humans and animals but it also helps to keep us in the dark.

We are not against business, the opposite in fact. But there has to be a way to reduce the amount of suffering and devastation in the world. So many of us want to make the change necessary to alleviate suffering but we don’t know who to trust or where to go for the correct information on how we can make the changes that are necessary. So we’ve taken on the challenge of collating the best information that we can for you based on tried and tested theories and practice so you can  make that change.

Why Me? Why You? Why Change?

I woke up one day and turned on the TV. Sadly the news blurted out everything I didn’t want to hear. Every kind of suffering that you could think of. I heard and saw. Images of dying or injured children, Cities of mass destruction, of global warming, disease and of incurable illnesses that we have yet to cure, animals in factory farms and Monsanto again trying to pattern the seeds of life. It didn’t matter whether I turned on the TV, the radio, googled or went on YouTube I found the same devastating information.

As I sat there I wondered what could I do to make a difference. I have nothing of importance to say to a world that isn’t ready to listen. I don’t have capital behind me or a large company ready to sponsor me. Individuals just nod when I speak of ways to make that change, they’re not listening,they don’t want to listen, I feel like  Nietzsche’s Monk.  I know, what I say doesn’t go in, why would it, i’m just a normal person, from a normal town, doing normal things on normal days.

The thing is, we all need to make that change. Deep down we all have a burning desire to make a lasting impression on the planet, to make a difference even if it is to solve our own problems.

I looked around the web for answers as to how I could make a difference and then like Eureka the answer came to me. Find someone that already knew what to do, who’s already done the research, who has already spent the money, has the followers and has made a difference. I wrote down my main areas of concern and looked for people that I could honestly say had made a difference to humanity, animals and the world in which we live.

This website is set up to help you get as much from the web on subjects that are going to benefit you whilst benefiting others.

Please enjoy this website, take from it everything that you need and be the change that you want to see in the world.



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