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“ACE is a nonprofit dedicated to finding and advocating highly effective opportunities for improving the lives of animals.

Based on our current findings and available research, advocating for farmed animals seems to be the most effective way to help animals and prevent the largest amount of suffering. Over eight billion land farmed animals (and 78 billion sea animals) are killed each year for the United States food supply. Research shows that, on average, a single person going vegetarian spares the suffering of 223 animals. Even modest reductions in consumption of animal products can make a large difference when applied on a large scale. Whereas other animal causes can cost tens or even hundreds of dollars per animal saved, convincing people to reduce or eliminate animal products can save many animals at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, our top charities are farm-animal advocacy groups.

ACE looks to aid compassionate givers, professionals and volunteers alike in making informed decisions on how to be as effective as possible in helping animals. We strive to identify highly effective opportunities for alleviating suffering and improving animal lives on a wide scale, and will continue to update our recommendations based on new evidence”.

For more details on the reasons behind their position, please see their FAQ.

The ACE Top Three Charities which directly impact the health and well-being of Animals are as follows:

For a further List of Charities that are positively impacting the Health and well-being are:
For more in-depth information on how you can effectively impact the Health and well-being of animals:

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