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I write blogs for website across the globe. From food blogs to car blogs, I’ve even written blogs on reptiles. I provide content for a mahusive number of websites and my clients always ask me the same question. ‘How do I get more traffic’. Up until now I’ve been telling them that it’s a content thing. Google loves good content. Content, content, content. But am I right? Is this all that it takes or is there something else that the online industry is missing?

Is the road to growth paved with content? If you write, film, record, and produce killer content will the world will rush to your website. I’m not so sure, in fact I am sure that the answer is no.

Whatever happened to selling yourself, your products or your services? It seems as though the online industry has taken complete leave of its senses. Has it lost touch with… reality? Or is it just taking the easy option?

We’ve become a global online nation of ‘Fearists’. We have become fearful of exposure and judgment. We’re terrified of exposing ourselves in the flesh. We dread failure and rejection. We don’t want to go out there in person and be in a physical room with other humans just in case everything we’ve worked to create falls flat on its face and we are exposed as the incapable, incompetent numpties that we are (NOT).

It’s easier isn’t it, to just stick our stuff online and expect traffic to rush in and buy whatever it is that we have to offer. Newsflash! ‘It aint ever gonna happen’! Life, even online isn’t like that.

Ok, so let’s get our thoughts straight, when people ignore our content they are just ignoring our ideas not us, right? Wrong! We are our ideas. Our ideas are what makes us. If we spend hours and hours creating interesting, well thought out content and still no one comes then there must be something wrong with us, right? Wrong! We just haven’t yet done what it takes to be out there with the big boys.

Ok so let’s be honest now: Content, is king isn’t it? But it’s not the be all and end all by itself. It’s a Wooptastic tool to build an idea into a platform, a brand, a reputation, position, entity, business, organisation or anything else you want to include. Content is your long-game, but it’s not your only now game. What about the cool stuff that we all need to do but don’t necessarily do. Stuff like:

Content Verses Old Fashioned Get Out There and Do It Stuff

       Such As:

  • Advertising
  • Hosting and attending meet-ups and events
  • Organizing publicity opportunities
  • Speaking to the right people, in the right place, about the right things at the right time
  • Guerrilla marketing (not with real Guerrillas of course)
  • Building and participating in online and offline groups
  • Coffees, lunches, brunches and drinks and maybe a few more drinks
  • Building meaningful relationships (mostly with strangers who’ll become partners, business partners of course)

If you’re interested in reading up on how old fashioned marketing is still alive and kicking, why not pop over to our friends at and see what they have to say.

Do I Seriously, Have To Mix With Real Life Humans?

Yes you do!

That’s right going out there and meeting real people, people who might hate us or love what we have to offer. People who might think that our ideas are mad, crazy or may think that we have the next Eureka Idea.

When you are looking to go from zero to successful hero in 0-60 you must be willing to go a little slower for longer, endurance along with content is key. You can’t just put videos, podcasts, editorial and images out there hoping someone will discover them, follow them back to you, fall in love with you and pay huddles of money on the spot. Nooo, you need to build relationships, earn trust, get yourself out there with google ads and anything else that’ll help, including the dreaded social media platform. Speak to everyone in your niche, find out what they are doing and copy it. Don’t plagiarise their content, make it your own, speak in content as you do in life.

As an introverted, sensitive type o’ girl, I don’t like anymore than you do to get myself out there. But you’ve got to! You see, when people come to my website all they see is words, they don’t see me, my traits, ambitions, passions, aims or goals, just words on a page. Is anyone gonna buy words on a page. Maybe but probably not. On the other hand, if I presented myself, in person with their interests at heart and sold them what they really need, would they buy. Yes, if the price was right.

So, when you are looking to get more traffic to your website remember to use the old fashioned methods as well as the new content methods and you’ll go far.

What about SEO Isabella?

I deliberately haven’t covered SEO in this blog, that’s for another day as I can ramble on all day about SEO. But if you’d like to read more on how content affects SEO then why not pop over to Contently for more info  or/and Inc: for the low down on last years trends. 2016 has only just started, looking back on the past might give you ideas for yet more content.





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