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“The definition of health has evolved over time. In keeping with the biomedical perspective, early definitions of health focused on the theme of the body’s ability to function; health was seen as a state of normal function that could be disrupted from time to time by disease“. (Wikipedia)

So there we have it, two types of health, good and bad.

Many of us are in an ever decreasing state of bad or poor health. ‘Western Society’ has more health problems than the rest of the world combined. Why? Generally it’s down to poor lifestyle choices, from sitting, lifting too much or from wearing or breathing in pollutants and most importantly; Diet.

There’s so much information out there based on research carried out by one industry or another. Did you know that 80% of research carried out on whether eggs are good for you are carried out in aid of the egg producing industry. Of course the research will say that eggs are good for you, but are they! Nope, not at all.

The best known diet for humans was first detected in 1939. The Rice Diet Program was founded Dr. Walter Kempner, a Nazis refugee, who was at that time associated with Duke University. Dr Kempner had many patients with malignant hypertension with kidney failure, and at that time there were no effective treatments for those patients. He believed that the kidney had two functions, one excretory and the other metabolic, and “he theorised that if the protein and electrolyte load on the kidney was reduced to a minimum, the kidney might better perform its more essential metabolic role. The details of his reasoning are obscure, but he began to treat patients with malignant hypertension with a diet composed of nothing but rice and fruit, and amazingly, they rapidly improved.” (Wikipedia)

Much more research has been conducted on the benefits of eating a plant based diet. Some funded and fuelled by the Big Agricultural and Farming Industry and some by Governments. Were animal and dairy products bad for you? Was a plant based diet better for you, would it reduce disease. Big Ag and the farming industry did what they could to show that meat and dairy were good for us. But they are not. Governments had known this since the 1970’s but continue to be funded and fueled by the Big Food Giants.

Then followed, ‘The China Study’ By Dr T Colin Campbell PHD. The China study showed that in an agricultural setting, when the participants of the research project returned to eating a natural, plant based diet their ‘Western’ diseases slowed, improved and in some cases were cured. Further research has has been carried out by numerous professionals and specialists in their field and conclude that western diseases do slow or disappear when a plant based diet is consumed. Some of these specialists are:

Specialists/Doctors – fighting disease the natural way, looking towards medicine as a last result

Dr T Colin Campbell

Dr Neal Bernard

Dr McDougall

Specialists in Juicing – Beating disease with nutrients

Jason Vale

Joe Cross

Fighting Cancer the Natural and Effective Way

Gerson Institute

We would never suggest that you use natural cures instead f traditional methods as we are not doctors. However the doctors above are. They have spent years in the research field and as medical practitioners and have seen the benefits of eating a healthy plant based diet. That’s a diet low in sugar, salt and fat without the addition of meat and dairy products.

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Our disclaimer: Do not stop taking any medications due to what you read on this website or the linked sites. Always consult a doctor before making changes to your medication.

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