Social Media Marketing - where to get your free information fromAs the owner of a small business you don’t always have the time to write stunning social media content or to update your website with interesting and useful information. Neither might you have the time or funds to write or pay for regular blog entries to keep your readers hooked.

At times it may seem as though you are sinking surrounded with work you don’t have time to do and finances begin to act like a chain around your leg pulling you deeper into the never ending ocean paperwork and Web stuff to write. It doesn’t have to be like this though.

There are several ways that you can find interesting information from the web without paying for it and without spending huge amounts of time writing it. The secret is Public domain content. These can include books, articles, films, photos and more.

Two of the best places that you can grab your free public domain films and books are and Project Gutenberg. These are probably the best known resources for public domain films and books.

One of the main points to remember when using public domain work is that it is not your. You cannot lay claim to creating it so it is wise to post a note at the bottom of your article or blog to say that the work posted is in the public domain. And should it not be you will remove it immediately. This keeps you out of trouble and allows the owner the right to ask you to remove it. If I were them I’d just ask for a credit to say it was my work with a link back to their website. OH look, we’ve just created a valuable and honest backlink. Just a note of caution just because something appears in the public domain it does not mean that it is a public domain article, photo, film or book. So make sure you double check which features of the public domain work you are using is considered as having public domain rights.

The best thing about public domain works is that once you have modified it, it no longer is the original so you then own the rights to the modified version. Be careful though, don’t fall into the plagarised version of modification make your version original in its own way.

This article should help you to find a quicker easier way of building content and writing blogs with limited time. One last note always make your articles useful and engaging with a fab picture to make them stand out in a crowd.

Please check below for a list of resources to help you on your way:



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