Health Benefits of Juicing

The Juice Master

Jason  Vale s an English author, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach. Jason says he was an addict of smoking, alcohol and junk food and a chronic sufferer of psoriasis, eczema, and hay fever. Vale claims he was then influenced by early juicing pioneer Norman Walker and began juicing to improve his health. In his book Slim 4 Life, Vale states that he lost weight, gave up smoking and drinking, and stopped eating junk food by changing his mindset to his addictions. Vale claims that as a result of daily juicing he lost four stone and is now free of his skin conditions and hay fever. 

With the launch of his first published book in 2001 as the self-titled Juice Master Vale has continued to promote the health benefits of consuming freshly extracted juices and smoothies in the media. He has sold approximately 500,000 copies of his books (and accompanying DVDs) in the UK alone.

Vale and his company Juice Master Ltd have branched out into running seminars and retreats and juice bars. He opened his first juice detox retreat in Turkey in 2005 and organises health seminars across the UK and Ireland. In 2008, he opened his second Irish juice bar in John Roberts Square in Waterford. He owns a second Juice spa, The Juicy Oasis in Portuagal.

To see how Jason has managed to turn around the health ailments and diseases of normal everyday people watch the DVD below. If this doesn’t make you change your mind about your approach to diet and health I don’t know what will.


Jason has loads of books that he has released to help you on the path to recovery and good health they are as follows:

Super Fast Food No Chef Required

Juice Master Keeping it Simple

7lb in 7 Days

Jason Vales 5:2 Diet

Super Juice Me: 28 Day Diet

Kick the Drink

For an Exhaustive List of Jason’s Books 

Take a trip over to Jason’s Shop and see what he can do for you there

Watch Jason at TEDX below:

‘If you don’t give it a go you’ll never know’



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