The Life You Can Save

You Can Help to Reduce Poverty and Suffering Effectively

The Life you Can Save

Is a charity that has done all of the hard work for you. They’ve researched which human charities provide the most effective outcome from the funding that they recieve. The Life You can Save researches the causes of poverty and works with charities towards trying to alleviate poverty.

In the charities own words:

“The more you know about extreme poverty and high impact interventions, the easier and more compelling it is to spread the word about effective giving. We’ve created and compiled some resources that we think you’ll find interesting as well as useful, including responses to common objections to donating. Use the documents, videos, lists and tools linked below to answer your own questions, to help you answer other people’s questions, and to share with your communities.”

To find out more 

Watch these videos for real human insights


Videos and Information: The Life You can Save

For a full list of ‘The Life You Can Save Charities

The top ten can be found below

1.  Against Malaria Foundation

2.  Development Media International

3.  Evidence Action

4. Fistula Foundation

5.  Fred Hollows Foundation

6.  GiveDirectly

7.  Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

8.  Innovations for Poverty Action

9.  Iodine Global Network

10.  Living Goods

Would you give to reduce global suffering?
"Effective giving to reduce global suffering and death? It's a no brainer"
Impact Calculator: How will your donations impact poverty?


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