The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Are . . .

Top tips to help you save time whilst making money

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants help you to streamline your time

and cut your outgoings

The business world is witnessing a surprising rise in the number of virtual assistants hitting the market, to the extent that the virtual assistance and Business Process Outsourcing industry is a flourishing market. One of the reasons for the increased use of virtual assistants by Entrepreneurs and small business owners is that there is now an over abundance of very affordable business tools, services and readily available technology that enables work to be carried out across a virtual platform.

Your business is safe when outsourcing to a VA

When you outsource your business tasks to a virtual assistant you can avoid  the need for office space, tools and equipment for what would be employees. There are no employee costs such as national insurance, pensions or holiday pay and it also, benefits the employer as he/she can hire a virtual assistant to get the tasks done during peak project hours or at other times when extra help is needed. Your business and business task are perfectly safe and secure and will remain confidential to your company and the virtual assistant under contract, so there is no need to worry about your business information leaking to your rivals.

Working on Demand

Many virtual assistants work on demand for their clients and are able to take up extra work to free up time for the business owner leaving the owner to focus on core competencies and higher value work rather than the nitty gritty of running a business.

We are Cheaper than Employees

Hiring a virtual assistant works out much cheaper than hiring an employee as a virtual assistant gets paid a one off fee for the job that they do. The majority of virtual assistants are self-motivated and always strive to produce results of superior quality while maintaining short turnaround times. This is an added bonus for any business.

What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

To cut to the chase a virtual assistant is a service provider who assists in their client’s business operations, remotely from a virtual office anywhere around the globe. Virtual Assistants are independent freelancers/outworkers who work on a predetermined basis, which can be short or long-term. They connect with their clients through Internet services and by telephone enabling them to get the work done virtually. Because of this, both entrepreneurs and small businesses are gradually choosing to outsource their time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants.

A varying array of tasks can be delegated to virtual assistants ranging from general administration to specialised tasks which can be undertaken by a virtual business specialist, who is someone who specialises in a particular field of work.

What Types of Work Do We Undertake

The types of work which  can be outsourced to a virtual assistant normally fit into one of two main categories:

a.    work which you can do yourself but takes far too long for you to complete

b.    work you have no idea how to do and need someone with the right skills to help you get it done

Types of business and professionals who hire virtual assistants are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Small businesses
  • Web-based companies
  • Tutors, Coaches
  • Independent Professionals
  • Contractors

 You can gain the following advantages by hiring a virtual assistant:

  • You can save on skilled labour costs by outsourcing work offshore
  • You can be sure of dedication and hard work by the Virtual Assistants
  • You don’t need to allocate office space
  • You don’t need to provide paid benefits such as holiday pay.
  • You get more time to concentrate on business improvement and expansion
  • You can hire a virtual assistants on a short-term basis, especially during peak business hours
  • You only pay for the job done
  • You can pay by the hour or job

So regardless of whether you are a small, medium-sized or big business, irrespective of which field your in, you can hire a virtual Assistant to help you reap the timely rewards which you deserve!