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Your Business Should Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)


Your Business Should Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)


It’s not rocket science, to grow a business in this economy you have to cut costs and the easiest way to cut costs or to keep your costs down is to hire a virtual assistant rather than a full or part time member of staff. With a VA there are no hidden costs to consider such as payroll costs, sick pay, NI or pension contributions to pay. In fact there aren’t any associated costs attached to a VA apart from the initial cost per project or payment plan.

Most VA’s are their own bosses and work to their own timescales so achieving demanding, out of hours deadlines are not an issue. In most cases they are welcomed. They tend to work around your calendar to give you the benefit of their skills, experience and timescales. VA’s are a value added bonus to any business that is trying to grow.

Below are just some of the reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant to complete your tasks.

  • A VA consistently undertaking work that you don’t have time to do.
  • There’s no requirement for a physical office.
  • There are no organisation expenses as with permanent workers.
  • You don’t have to use any cash on representative preparing.
  • You won’t pay for any additional time incurred once the price has ben agreed.
  • A VA may have aptitudes that you don’t have but require ‘to get the job done’
  • A VA thinks about your business as their business


There is so much to do when trying to establish or grow a business, and you the business owner can fast become burnt out and run out of steam. As VA’s we’d love to help you grow your business the easy way and there’s nothing that we can’t do – because there is a team of us just waiting for you to give us the go ahead to work on developing your business.


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